Welcome to my shop, I'm just starting so please be patient as I iron out details when it comes to this business. I am doing this to bring forth patches unto this land and not for money.

When will my package ship?

Well shipping times can vary especially when shipping around the world. If you are in the U.S. no need to worry shouldn't take any longer than two weeks. If you are overseas, well depends on your counties customs will depend on your package arrival. One time I shipped to Germany and it only took a week, another time I shipped to Spain and it took three weeks.

I am truly sorry for the International Shipping Price it ranges from $15-$20 and I have no control over international shipping. To pay that much for one patch that weighs 0.5 ounces is stupid and if I could change the prices I would. Should've been born in a better county :^)

If you feel that you have been scorned by me for not sending you a package please feel free to email me, I'll probably check it ;^)

Where can I find you chilling?

You'll find me mainly in the /merch/ thread not so much in the /tempo/ thread, and you can also find me at cons as well. But I will be posting about that ahead of time in the threads.

I have an Idea of a patch to make, will you make it?

I'm a ballsy MF that has expendable cash, if it's a good enough idea I will see it done.

I'm an artist and want my art to be made into a patch, can you do that?

Like I said I'll make anything into a patch if it is good enough, but you can message me on Twitter and we can hash it out there.